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Links to the Good Stuff

You can find links to our course syllabus, online textbook, assignments, and simulations we use in class.

Speaking of homework...there's an assignment board on here, just in case you happen to forget what your physics homework is. You might even say, "thanks Mr. Heffernan! You're giving me links to the homework sheets AND reminding us of the assignment...it's almost like there are no possible excuses not to do my homework." And if you did say that, you would be completely right.

Physics Story

Also, we'll be using this site on a daily basis to narrate our physics story. Lets be real...who doesn't love a great story? Especially a physics related story! I like them so much I'm going to let Periods 1, Period 3 AND Period 9 make their own physics story each week. You provide the content...and we'll try to spin it into a story. Might not work as I want it to...but hey it's worth a shot. At the very least we will have an excellent place to review content at throughout the year.

Homework Discussion

Stuck on a homework problem? Post your question in the discussion forum on this page (this one...right here...the one you're on right now). I'll check this nearly every night before I go to sleep (which is at 10:00...I'm pretty lame) and try and help you out. Also...other kids in the class could respond and help you out! It's like all the group work we do in class...except from the privacy of your own computer.

Former Students

If you happen to be someone who took my class in the past who found this site because it was trending on Twitter...be sure to swing by the former physics kids page and let us know what you're up to!

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